ILS 300

Real-time Logging

ILS 300 logs data from a number of different sensors. It can monitor electrical current, temperature, voltage and digital pulse. The number of sensors can be easily extended using chained units.

Real-time switching.

ILS 300 has the ability to switch 4 digital channels in real-time with virtually no delay. The 4 output channels can drive solid state relays, conventional relays or any digital output. This can be used to switch on or off various electrical equipment, such as air conditioners, hot water systems and various pumps.


ILS 300 can be expanded through its interfaces to monitor different types of sensors and equipment.

Cloud Based Service

ILS 300 stores its data on the cloud and is securely accessible from your account over the Internet. There is no setup, no messing around with cables, it's plug and play out of the box, always on, and always accessible.

Rules, Schedules and Automatic Control.

ILS 300 can be setup to automatically switch equipment on or off based on sensor values or scheduled times. It can also send out emails when sersor thresholds are reached.

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About ILS 300

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